First Home Buyers

Helping people buy their first home by guiding and assisting them through the whole buying process

Helping with the First Home Buyers Grants and the Stamp Duty Concessions

Family Pledge/Parental Guarantor

Helping first home buyers purchase their first home using some equity in a family members property

Reduces deposit required, reduces the interest rate and avoids client paying LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance)

Investment Property Purchase

Helping people create wealth by purchasing one or more investment properties

Helping people take control of their retirement

Helping people buy an investment property all over Australia, not just Sydney

Refinance Of Home Loan

Refinance of a home loan to reduce interest rate and fees to save many $1,000’s

A refinance allows client to change lender and/or change loan structure

Allows cash-out, top-ups, debt consolidation or equity access 

Construction of Property

Helping people buy land and build/construct a home

Construction of both owner occupied or  investment properties

Construction of a property all over Australia, not just Sydney

Bridging, Upsize Or Downgrade

Helping people buy either a larger or smaller home

Bridging allows client to buy their dream new home prior to selling old home

Client can even construct their new home before selling old home 

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

Helping people buy an investment property using their superannuation

Helping people take control of their retirement

Helping create wealth and financial independence



Commercial Property

Most of my services can be applied to commercial property too

Purchase of commercial premises to operate a business or investment

Refinance of commercial premises

Purchase of commercial property using a SMSF 

Vehicle Finance

Helping people purchase a vehicle, whether it be for recreational or business use.

Loan structures such as consumer loans, chattel mortgage, leases etc.

Equipment Finance

Helping people buy equipment for work, whether it be office equipment, office fit out or even machinery.